Study Abroad scholarships: Where To Find Them

Study Abroad scholarships: Where To Find Them

Do you want to study abroad? The cost of such an education holds many people back from pursuing it. However, what you do not know is that you can apply your on-campus monetary aid to your studies abroad. You can also apply for a myriad of scholarships. Studying abroad – especially for students who pay out-of-state-tuition – can be cheaper than the usual on-campus education. What is a study abroad scholarship? It is a fiscal award used to pay for the expenses of a course: books, lodging, and traveling. There are many scholarships for studying abroad – some are underutilized while others are competitive.

The study abroad scholarships that you can apply for include:

 Destination-specific –

these scholarships are usually awarded by the country where a student wants to pursue a study abroad program. This scholarship entices students to study in that country instead of another one. How can one find these scholarships? Check the government-sponsored travel sites of a specific country.

Subject-specific –

they are awarded by institutions/programs based on the student’s major. To get these scholarships, you may have to apply for subject-specific courses. The qualifications usually vary from one scholarship to the next.

Merit-based –

they are given to students based on their athletic, academic, or artistic capabilities.  In some cases, the extra-curricular activities of the applicant may be taken into account.

 Program-specific –

specific study abroad programs or colleges offer these scholarships. They are usually given out on the basis of academic performance and personal achievements. Check whether your university or study abroad program offers this scholarship.

Student-specific –

these scholarships are awarded to applicants who qualify based on a number of factors, including region, family, race, and medical history. The most common scholarships in the student-specific category are minority scholarships. However, the qualifications vary based on the scholarship itself.

Finding scholarships to study abroad

Spending a semester or a whole year of college in a foreign country will not only expand your horizons, but also boost your second language skills. To find a scholarship, you can go through independent programs or find study abroad programs that college-affiliated. Going through your current college is recommended because your program coordinators are already aware of your field of study – this makes finding a scholarship that much easier. Additionally, you will know that the courses offered are targeted toward specific students, and you will have first-hand communication with program participants.
Finding scholarships in this manner is not always ideal because your college may not go where you want it to go. In such an instance, you should try to broaden your horizons by keeping an eye on scholarship lists found around the World Wide Web. You will eventually find a scholarship whose requirements you’ll meet.


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