Education System in Pakistan

Education System in Pakistan

Today’s education system if we all see that the children are not interested in studying or any educated activities the reason for that is not pay attention to the children the parents are too busy for making their life too high standard that they forgot to understand their children psyche that’s why children have no respect and care for their parents.

The house is become dance floor and out of the religion the base is corrupted In past the parents whether mother or father they ask to their children what you read and learn they pay attention for the better future for their children they feel concerned about them. But now it’s totally opposite now children have been careless and don’t concerned about their future now.

If we see in school and colleges private schools are the short business now they paid to the teachers almost five thousands rupees which is very low the teachers education is not more than intermediate the teachers doing job for their education like BA, etc in the govt level. The teacher is only concerned about himself not the student's education. 

Now students they also got freedom and not afraid to anything they just have the knowledge about how to make their papers pass because it’s happening in the system where good marks come from money not hard work its simple that we are all corrupt when we all pay attention to our children they all in our control and if the education system is good and honest the students will do hard work and they will become they best future of Pakistan it is beneficial please stop involving politics in colleges and schools and universities stop playing with the future of Pakistan.

Best of Luck Pakistan @Javed


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