PIC16F877A and LM35 Based Temperature Monitor

PIC16F877A and LM35 Based Temperature Monitor

Interfacing LM35 Temp sensor with PIC16F877A Microcontroller

Why we chose PIC16F877A not 8051 Microcontroller?

The answer is simple in this project we are using LM35 sensor which is analog sensor here we need another IC Analog to Digital to convert the sensor analog reading in to digital so If you are going to chose 8051 microcontroller for this project you must attach another A2D ic because 8051
have no bulletin A2d converter but Pic microcontroller have so that’s why we select PIC16F877A instead of 8051 because it’s easy, cheap and simple.

Sensor LM35 pin out?

This is Temperature sensor which you can get easily from the market with low price The LM35 pin out is so simple the first pin is for input power maximum 5v Dc and the Middle pin is for Analog input and the third pin is for Ground

10mV ===> 1C
20mV ======> 2C
370mV ====> 37.0C and so on…...

Software and Other Tools :

First you need to install the Proteus vsm on your computer the good news is that you people can download Proteus Setup free from our blog and the second one is PIC-C compiler where you people can compile the C-code and will get the Hex file.
Schematic :
The Relay Load Is optional if you want to connect Load so go ahead .....

Hardware Level :
After completing everything at the software level then you can go easily at hardware side at hardware
you just need Pickit 2 Burner just put ic and Burn program on it and enjoy ...
Finally the Code :

Download everything the full package in Zip File

1) PDF documents
2) pic-c Compiler
3) code hex file
4) Proteus simulation
i upload the Zip file to GoogleDrive
just one click & Download Now
Image result for download now

if You have any Question Regarding this Project so you can Ask anytime  leave a comment...


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