A man went to a barber, for hair cut.

A man went to a barber, for hair cut.

Barber: I don't believe in 'ALLAH'.
Man: Why?
Barber: Look around, what is happening in the world. People are Hungry,
Poor,Tens Disgraced, Defeated & Helpless.

Man didn't argue. 
He saw a man, with long beard & rough hair passing by.
He asked the barber; There's no barber in this world?
Barber said: Its wrong, I am a barber. How can you say so?
The man said, Look outside, people with rough hair, it shows there is no barber.
Barber: Its because, they don't come to me.

Man smiled & said;
"Same is the case with people. 
They don't come to 'ALLAH'.


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