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What is Special English?

Special English is very simple and easy to grasp. It has been used for the quick consideration of those persons who are weak in regular English language because they belong to different regions of the world and cannot speak fluently. They want to understand the things in English. English is an international language, so most of the material published in books, magazines and websites is presented in English. It is a form of English that was introduced first time in 1959 in the month of October. Nowadays, its scope is increasing and been used in the US transmission programs including a very popular platform VOA (Voice of America).

Many of the news channels telecast their programs in special English. The newscasters and the anchors of the current affairs do not use idiomatic language and focus on a limited list of words and terminology. For audio and video files in special English, you can get sound information from

The most famous source of information is the VOA that telecasts a variety of news programs every day and there are also fourteen programs broadcasted every week. The features include different areas of information, e.g. large scale farming, medical related items, social issues, historical knowledge, scientific information, humanities, cultural programs, trade, business, economical problems, statistical reports, and showbiz, etc.The objective of special English was the better understanding of English and to a greater extent, the target has been achieved. That’s why it got popularity very soon and today, it has a vital place in our society. You will be able to discover much more information through the radio and television programs telecasted in special English. It is spoken slowly in such a way that each and every word is clear and the selection of words is made particularly with respect to the ease of the audience.
These days, even the tutors of the schools, colleges, universities and the educational institutions all over the world get help from the material published in special English. The trend is getting favor in America, Britain and China; however, the BBC and CRI (China Radio International) are not using the special English like VOA. The sentence structure becomes quite easy and short in special English. 
Its accent is called Specialized English that Feba Radio first introduced. The main and distinct features
Of special English can be summed up as:
1- Slow speech with proper intervals and clarity of words.
2- There are no long sentences, but use of short sentences in a simple way.
3- Only a limited set of words and lexicon to express the ideas and piece of information.

Many of the vocabulary words are repeatedly used in sentences. In this way, the aliens not only feel it easy to grasp English words, but also improve their English in a short period of time. In many of the developed countries, special English is being used at its peak for example in China students and professionals are used to learn, listen and watch programs in special English.
Here you may learn English with Special English Lessons every day.

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